Photography & Creativity

Sketching, music, photography, digital image processing… I like them all & tried my hand with a fair amount of success but photography and digital post processing is my passion. In the year 1983 I started my formal photography training under the guidance of renown photographer Mr. Sharad Devare, ARPS. He was a master of all photographic techniques from exposure, composition to processing of black & white and colour film, as well as printing the enlargements. He was a gifted teacher, so after completion of basic training I joined the advance course under him. This course enabled me to pursue photography professionally at the same time as an art form.

After some practice, I started participating in national and international salons, along with a group of photography buffs. The accepted photographs were exhibited at various places. This experience honed my skills in pictorial artistic photography. It helped in improving the quality of my professional work. Due to these participations I received “AFIP” honors from FIP photography club.

For two years I worked in a TV broadcasting studio in Delhi. Later on, this experience was helpful in doing the video assignments.

My next step was to work in an advertising agency, carrying out commercial DTP work which required knowledge of CorelDraw and Photoshop. The earlier tedious versions of these softwares allowed me to imbibe the basic concepts, principles & working of the softwares. So it was easier to progress from Photoshop 2 to Photoshop CC 2015 of today. In year 2013 I successfully completed Photoshop CS 5 exam & received “Masters certification”.

Over the years I have been doing commercial as well as wedding photography. In past few years wedding photography took big leap. Previously people used to get bulky albums of wedding photographs but as the technology improved, lot of labs started printing photobooks, which became very popular because of its slim size and almost negligible weight and artistic wedding designs in the form of photobook. I started designing these albums for myself, after some period photographers started to hand over their jobs for designing their albums.

I also did designing jobs for various companies, designing of the brochures & manuals etc. Taking inspiration from my Guru, late Mr. Sharad Devare, I felt the need to disseminate the knowledge & experience to the next generation. I have been getting inquiries and questions about the photography and digital post processing and I have been advising people about this in a informal way.

Indian Photo academy provided a solid platform for formal training in Photography to the needy students in all walks of life and from all generations. I have been teaching Basic digital SLR Photography since past few years. The feedbacks from students who have successfully completed the course are very satisfying and encouraging. I also provide training in Photoshop.

Services offered

Basic Level

The course is ideal for beginners who have just bought a DSLR camera and are looking to get started with their camera. The course will cover the basic concepts of digital photography, camera operations & handling and unique features of DSLRs cameras. To get familiar with basics of DSLR cameras ( shutter speed, aperture, ISO etc )

Advance Level

For those who have completed basic course or those who are already familiar with fundamentals of DSLR camera can join this course. In this course enables student to get few finer details of DSLR camera and handling of studio lights as well as portrait lighting. This course will enhance the knowledge of exposure control and technique.

Adobe Photoshop is the experts choice for image manipulation, graphic designing, photographic retouching, web designing, multimedia, and much more. Easy-to- use tools and features allow for multifaceted tasks to be accomplished speedily for sophisticated results in a fairly small time frame. Adobe Photoshop is extensively used by professionals when creating or manipulating images for use in print and web.

Learning Adobe Photoshop nonetheless can be an intimidating task. In Adobe Photoshop training students gets comprehensive knowledge of digital image processing.

In Adobe Photoshop training courses you will learn to use basics like Layers, Text, Gradients, Navigator Palette and Hand Tool, Duplicate, Image Size and Resolution, Canvas Size, Crop Tool, History Palette Basics.

Students will also learn image modes, different palettes, selections and masks, various tools, manipulating selections. Additionally, they will also be trained in using Blend Modes, Layers Palette, move, copy and transform Layers, text warping.

Upon the completion of the Adobe Photoshop training course by Pratap Paralkar, students will have the understanding mandatory to be able to create extraordinary Photoshop images from zilch, and expertly maneuver existing images.


Photography 94%
Photoshop 90%
Graphic Designing 70%
Sketching 50%