• Amol Mhatre, ( Album Creation )
    Its always a pleasure to watch my marriage ceremony photographs and Video. The entire event comes alive due to the excellent photographs from you. The snaps have captured all the memorable moments and are very clear. Thanks for the wonderful wedding album from your side. Everyone who has viewed the photographs have just appreciation and nothing else.
  • Amol Mhatre, ( Photography )
    Also it was a blessing to learn all the finer points about photography during the course attended by me. Its those minute details that make a difference in the composition and clarity of the photographs. The knowledge that you have which was shared with us, is tremendous and even applying a little of that, gives us a lot of appreciation from others !! So thank you so much.

    Looking forward to some more exciting tips and suggestions from you as always.
  • Rajeev Joshi, ( Photo Editing )
    Having worked with the best of professionals in the field of photography, Pratap Paralkar’s experience of more than 30 years makes him one of the very few Digital Finishing / Retouching Artists, who helps you deliver your assignments in time and meet deadlines.

    As a creative designer, he creates designs to meet the clients brief. His design is a combination of both, imagination and innovation.

    His passion for photography and enhancing softwares along with an eagerness to share his vast bank of knowledge with all those who are interested is unmatched.
  • R. Kini, ( Photo Editing )
    The presentation of photoshop. I like & learn very much in this seminar. New tips and tricks in photoshop cs5 very useful for me.
    Gain knowledge
    To correct the under / over exposed image in photoshop. Also using of image processing tips.
  • H. Marathe, ( Photo Editing )
    Good presentation; mixture of basic and advance (cs5) techniques
    Gain knowledge
    Would like to have workshop with more detailed/ practical experience. It might be spread over multiple weekends.
  • V. Kaitkar, ( Photo Editing )
    Presentation is very nice.
    Gain knowledge
    Since I am working with photoshop cs3, but I got very useful information regarding photoshop cs5
  • M. Adori, ( Photo Editing )
    It was very good presentation and I would like to participate in more workshop of photoshop.
    Gain knowledge
    Yes. I got additional knowledge of removing cast from image, panorama, skin softening.
  • P. Nandvikar, ( Photo Editing )
    Presentation was good, informative & understandable, prepared images saved time as well as gave nice idea about concept.
    Gain knowledge
    Many small small tips as wll as some very recent updated functions.
  • M. Patil, ( Photo Editing )
    The presentation covered some of the basic facts, tools used to furnish images and to touch up with our imaginations / creativity.
    Gain knowledge
    Learned using different layers and masking blending with original images to what I wasn’t very much familiar with.